Stage 1

EU regional funding is to be used for the construction of a controversial transport project in the town of┬áDean Stolon. The Dean Stolon Bubble Chair Lift (DSBCL as it is formally known), commonly referred to as “Bubble Lift” in the town, will connect the new town of Dean Stolon with the historic old town, running across the Semath River.


The “Bubble Lift”, artist’s impression

You are a policy official in DG Regio responsible for the region where the Bubble Lift is located. You are going to visit Dean Solon in two weeks for a final site visit before the opening of the Bubble Lift. The Commissioner, Jonas Huhn, is expected to go to Dean Solon 3 months later for the official unveiling of the lift together with mayor of the town, Noris Ponston.

The Communication Unit in the DG has asked you about the social media outreach that should be done for this series of events.