Stage 3.2

You have e-mailed Noris Watch, inviting him to the Bubble Lift event. He confirms his attendance by e-mail, and tweets this (from @NorisWatch):

Noris_Watch_biggerHa ha! @EU_Regional has invited me to #BubbleLift launch. This is going to be *fun* >:) How is that thing really financed?

What do you do?

1) E-mail Noris Watch a briefing about the finances of the Bubble Lift. This contains careful explanations of how the EU chose to allocate money to the project – CHOOSE THIS OPTION

2) Write a tweet back to @NorisWatch from the @DG_Regional account. Please write the tweet using this form:

Please note that this form will limit the length of your tweet to 280 characters. This includes the length of the username to which you are replying. If you need to add a link please use to shorten the link, and paste it into the form.

Group number

When you’re done – CLICK HERE

3) Do not take any action, and keep monitoring tweets and blog entries written by @NorisWatch – CHOOSE THIS OPTION