Stage 2

Your initial investigation about social media in Dean Stolon has led you to discover three social media commentators that you may choose to communicate with.

Brian Visits
1847e14f9e3efb900e559742fdd722e1_biggerThis a well known blog about the transport projects in and around Dean Stolon. Its focus is on explaining the developments from a factual point of view and its author, Brian Mansfield, regularly visits sites and takes photographs of what he sees.

You can find out more about this blog here (opens in a new window), and his stories about the BubbleLift here and here. He also commands a following of 21700 followers on Twitter – his account can be found here.

Noris Watch
Noris_Watch_biggerThis is one of Dean Stolon’s prime political blogs, seeking to maintain the accountability of Noris Ponston, the Mayor of Dean Stolon. It is read by all the main political journalists in Dean Stolon and has been known to break major news stories in the town.

The blog is here, and a piece the author of the blog has written about the BubbleLift here. The Twitter account to accompany the blog has 9300 followers.

864f9fb8e99d909e5e5fbbc6870714ba_biggerThis blogger and Twitter-activist splits her time between Brussels and Dean Stolon. The blog has a relentless EU focus, and is known within the Brussels circles as one of the most trustworthy blogs about EU politics. If EUmonolit has written it you can be sure the social media connected people in the EU’s corridors of power will see it.

This blogger has not yet written about the Bubble Lift, but her homepage is here. On Twitter she commands a following of 4700 people.

You have one spare place on the pre-launch visit to the Bubble Lift due to take place in 2 weeks – which of these three people do you choose to invite?

1) Brian Visits – CHOOSE THIS OPTION